Sunday, February 13, 2011

M is for Million Dollar Idea

I have realized the exact way for someone to become a guaranteed millionaire. I know the exact problem that needs to be solved. A solution which would alleviate so much stress on moms and children around the world and completely revolutionize the morning routine. Are you ready for this? Someone needs to invent a line of little girls socks that are incapable of "feeling weird" once they are put on and a shoe is placed over them. Over the past year I have bought Cindy almost 20 pairs of new socks and each morning we come to blows (to BLOWS, people!) over the fact that NONE of them are capable of been worn because they "feel weird." And I don't even think it is because of the seam at the toe. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why all these socks are totally useless!!! It is unbelievably frustrating. So if this product exists, let me know. If not, and you want a few extra million dollars to play around with, get on this, pronto! I will order your first 50 pairs.

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Linnley Marie said...

My sister had the same feddish. She to this day is very very picky about her socks, Let me tell you this it does get better. And for now no sock will ever feel right. Sorry... On the bright side at least she will wear shoes. I had the shoe problem.