Wednesday, February 16, 2011

P is for Prayers

There is nothing better than teaching a little kid how to pray. Because when you tell them "you can pray about anything" they actually start to pray about anything :) Here are a few of the best things that Luke has prayed for in the past few months....

"Please bless that I will be good at tricky puzzles"

"Thank you that we are going to the park tomorrow" (when I have zero plans to do so)

"Please bless that mom won't get sweaty while she goes running"

"Please bless that we can pick up heavy things"

"Bless us that we will stop coughing, hiccuping and yawning"

"Bless us that we won't fight with real light sabers"

and the most telling of all....

"Please bless that we can beat that really hard level on angry birds." Hey, some of those levels need divine intervention to be solved, okay?


Linnley Marie said...

Luke has the best prayers!! and Way to go Cindy on having zero cavities!

Christina said...

Did you go to the park? ;)