Monday, February 21, 2011

U is for Understatement!

Top 14 Understatements of The Year:

14. Luke gets kind of upset when it’s time to stop playing Lego Star Wars
13. Soccer and Star Trek are a big part of Jacob’s life.
12. Sometimes I don’t know where my car keys are.
11. Lady Gaga tends to make poor fashion choices.
10. The most excruciating pain in all the world is getting sweat in your eyes.
9. My parents and in-laws are pretty cool people.
8. Steven Tyler is a little bit creepy.
7. I want to marry pita chips.
6. Cindy does not understand how to wear a headband.
5. You need to buy an Xbox with Kinect.
4. One Thomas the Train episode sometimes reminds me of the last one I saw.
3. Anytime is good time for either toast, nutella, cereal, chocolate milk, breakfast waffles or an oreo. WAIT A MINUTE! I think I just thought of the best cereal idea EVER! Good thing I have Kellogg's on speed dial...
2. I will sell my first born child to the highest bidder the next time all her newly washed clothes end up as a giant rug that covers her entire carpet. Ebay listing begins in t-minus 12, 11, 10…..
1. Pull-ups and chin-ups are physically impossible to do and the worst possible exercise every invented in the galaxy.

Seriously, you know I could do this all day, right? (Another understatment! HA!)

1 comment:

Chris said...

Pull-ups and chin-ups aren't that hard! you should be able to do 20 of each!