Friday, January 20, 2012

Well Done

I can't believe it but another soccer season came to a close last night. McKeel played well, but unfortunately it just wasn't enough :( They lost in the second round of districts, 4-2. This season was a tough one for the team! They moved up a classification and essentially had to start running with the big dogs. And they kept up! Their schedule was rigorous; they had practice or a game every single day, they played Saturdays, they played indoor tournaments, they ran 5Ks - it was a lot of work. I'm definitely proud of all of them, win or lose. It's hard to share your husband with 18 teenage girls for almost half the year, but I wouldn't do it for anyone else but them. They really are a great group of girls and they treat Jacob with tremendous respect and kindness. And he is an excellent coach! I am not quite sure he grasps how talented he is and what he means to that program. And despite the season ending only last night, visions of seasons to come already dance in Jacob's head. The next few years should be quite a ride. Even I'm a little excited! Wha??? The one thing I am NOT excited about however, is the once again inevitable consequence of the soccer season being over; now we have to start doing yard work again. Crap.

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Karin said...

Congrats!!!!! & looking forward to more good things to come! (like amazing yard work pics...! lol)