Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once Again

Obviously the top ten didn't materialize this week. Monday was a day off for the kids and it completely threw me off. Plus, both my kids have been throwing up :( I am trying to stay positive in all this, you know, as I wipe down the bathroom walls, floor, tub, ceiling, shower curtain, vanity, mirror....okay, that's probably exaggerating just a bit, but I will focus on the fact that even when sick, my kids are totally non-dramatic. They don't whine, they don't moan and groan or even really cry. Their drama level is about a zero when it comes to puking. Both my children just throw up, blow their noses and then move on with life. It's quite remarkable. They obviously get that from their mother :)


Linnley Marie said...

Hope they feel better!!

Mags said...

Sick kids are a bummer. I hope this passes quickly so they can feel better.