Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have been saying I need to get my own girlie headphones for when I have to DJ dances and I FINALLY bought myself a pair! And I got to try them out last night when I was doing the dance for the Single Adults over in Tampa. Normally I am a basketcase when it comes to DJing dances; even after all these years I still doubt my mad skillz and never really think I am doing that great of a job, but last night I finally felt completely calm and confident like I knew what I was doing. It was such a relief for a change. Better yet is that Cindy came with me to "work" and she was a star! She danced on the stage behind me to every song for over an hour and a half! She was an animal! I have never seen her so uninhibited, it was a revelation to me. She was such a hit at the dance, that finally an older gentleman who was there asked me for the mic so he could do a spotlight on her. I finally yielded to him and he said, "Let's give it up for Cindy!!" which was met with roaring applause. Cindy was so flattered she could barely speak her name and age into the mic when he "interviewed" her. Those single adults are so kind :) I have come to realize they are actually the BEST crowd in the whole church to DJ for. They help set up and take down my equipment, they dance to anything and everything you play, and they are always offering food and snacks. Add that all together and I can actually say that DJing that dance last night was a lot of FUN! Wait, is that how it's supposed to be?


Susie said...

My mom said you were AMAZING!!!!!

Karin said...

Hooray!!! Your headphones are super-cute! :) And, let me just tell ya that we miss your DJing (& Jacob's) after every dance we attend...especially the last one we chaperoned when the DJ played listening (not dancing) music from when I was in like middle school...& the leaders wondered why the youth weren't dancing...! You guys have serious talent with what you do!!!!!

Glad Cindy enjoyed her night, too! :)