Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know what you are thinking, Finally what? Finally another blog post? Finally you changed the look of your blog a little? Finally you are going back to school to get your Master's degree in Puppetry? (It's next year for that one. Patience.) Nope, FINALLY is the theme of this year in Sweeneyville. I have dubbed 2012 "The Year of Finally!" This will be the year that I stop kinda almost doing things I have said I was going to do forever. Some of these 'finallys' are big, most are small, but dangit! These are things that finally need to get done! I already have a sweet list that seems to get longer and longer every day. It could as simple as saying yes, when for 10 years I have been saying no, it could just be going somewhere I have been saying I am going to visit since I was a beehive, it could be a habit I am finally going to form, or it might just be having my husband build me a contraption to fling unsuspecting squirrels around my yard. I'm sorry, but you are simply going to have to suck it up and read this blog for another year to see how this all turns out. That's life in the big city!

And to kick things off, finally! My pictures from vacation set to some ridiculous banjo music. Sorry, but Tennessee was kinda full of hicks, Rita. It just seemed appropriate. And I know that probably only my family can really stomach a 5-minute slide show of my vacation. Although, the end is worth waiting for...

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