Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bring It, 2012!

I am assuming everyone out there has made their list of New Year's Resolutions. I can safely say that people here in Lakeland definitely have. I can tell this by the amount of 'newbies' that were obviously at Lake Hollingsworth Monday trying to exercise and keep their health resolutions for at least one day. They were easy to spot because they walked in pairs, taking up the entire running lane, and when I came running at them, they did not move over for me. At all. Thanks. 'Preciate it. Anyway, I have set all my goals for 2012, and I have so many resolutions, that, in fact, there were magically about ten that didn't make the cut. Imagine that...


10. Volunteer at the DMV
9. Become Obama's golf caddy (walking over 10,000 miles in six months would kill my knees)
8. Beg the Bishop to let me be seminary teacher
7. Get caught up on the past 6 seasons of Toddlers and Tiaras
6. Care about the NBA
5. Step in mystery water while wearing socks 50% more times than I already do
4. Get that Harry Reid tattoo I've been thinking about
3. Finally understand any movie that has to do with time travel (because you aren't supposed to set goals that are impossible)
2. Learn all the words to "American Pie" in Klingon
1. Actually publish my list for Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesdays

Man, this year is gonna be awesome!

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