Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Finally Found The Love of a Lifetime

This one is kind of a weird one, but last year some time I heard my friend Lisa McKendrick telling me about a magical Coke machine at Firehouse Subs. Supposedly they had all kinds of ways to make your Coke with different flavors and add-ins and most of the options were diet and caffeine free! Did you read that slow enough to understand what she was saying?!?!?!? That's like finding a dress that's in your size and on sale, or finding a Republican South Carolina resident who is a registered voter and not completely ignorant- it's nearly impossible! But ever since then I have been saying I was going to go and check it out, so FINALLY the family and I went to make our pilgrimage. (Plus, I had never before eaten at a Firehouse Subs in my life, so the reason to go was really two-fold.)

Anyway, here is shot of Cindy at the magical carbonating kiosk of fantasticalness.

(♪ choirs of angels singing ♪♪♪)

It's a touchscreen kiosk that dispenses ice and then whatever flavor of whatever soda you want. Seriously, this is as close to the replicator in Star Trek as I have ever been. It was a special moment. Cherry Sprite Zero? Yes ma'am! Vanilla Caffeine Free Diet Coke with a hint of lime? Roger that! Diet Orange Fanta with a touch of peaches n' liver? Oh wait, they didn't actually have that, but you get the idea. If I had this in my kitchen I would never leave the house. Totally worth the trip! My cheesesteak sub was pretty good, but I was not blown away. Jacob's pastrami sub impressed him and stuffed him at the same time. But considering that he covered that (and absolutely everything he eats) with hot sauce anyway, it was bound to make him happy. And as for the kids - they were just there for the Cheetos :)

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