Sunday, January 15, 2012

Does Gitmo Get NPR?

I think there are only a few things in this world that Jacob and I fundamentally disagree on. You know, things like who was the better Darrin on Bewitched, whether hot sauce should exist or more importantly whether or not the show Car Talk on NPR with Click and Clack is funny. Jacob loves the show and finds it incredibly entertaining. I, on the other hand, completely loathe those two goofballs and find their show excruciating to have to listen to. It's just wretched. Here are my exact beefs with the show:

1. The show is about cars. BO-RING! Listening to people describe a weird wobble in their '88 Buick or how gas randomly pours out of the bottom of their truck at red lights is just not entertaining. It's somewhere on the scale between watching paint dry and reading a chemistry textbook for fun.

2. The hosts, Click and Clack, act like they are hysterical comedians - which they are not. They are mechanics from New England with incredibly thick Northeastern accents that drive me bonkers. Moreover, they usually are only able to answer about 4 calls in an hour because they are yakking so long and laughing at their own jokes that any advice they give takes a millennium to get out. Oy!

3. It's either Click or Clack (actually probably both) that snort when they laugh. Just. Shoot. Me.

Now, the only reason I get subjected to this show is because it comes on on Saturday mornings while driving to Cindy's soccer games. And since I am trapped in the car (with zero viable escape routes) and Jacob knows exactly how much I hate the show, I get to experience something akin to being water boarded for 60 minutes. Good thing the season is almost over. And that I already promised that I would never leave Jacob.

So there you have it - I just had to get that off my chest. And just as a disclaimer: I don't wish any ill will towards anyone who likes the show Car Talk. You are entitled to your opinions. It just completely changes how I feel about you :)


Mags said...

Is it bad that I don't think I have ever listened to NPR?

Linnley Marie said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am with you. My dad used to listen to it, thought it was SO funny. But I, like you, felt trapped, and it's SO boring. Cars are not interesting.

Karin said...

I just love that you actually used the word "wretched" in your blog. That just makes me like you that much more! :)

Mike said...

I love Click and Clack! Especially the names at the end of the show: Assertiveness Training Coach is Lois Steem, Biblical Researcher is Vera Lee Isay, Accountant is Candic B, can you not love it?