Friday, January 27, 2012

House of Mouse

The kids and I are headed to Disney today - yahoo! What better way to cap off a week of throwing up and missing school than by missing some more school to go play with your cousins! Luke is apparently most excited about (and I quote): "That one ride where you see all those fake toys singing and dancing and playing instruments." Cindy told him the correct name of that ride (duh), which is called "People World." See? We don't really go there near enough as we should. Anyway, I am still working on that Top Ten list! I won't let the week pass without making this one up. So as I walk around Magic Kingdom my little brain will still be in Sweeneyville :)

P.S. Extra, Extra! Read all about it!! Has my marathoner extraordinaire sister-in-law Linnley FINALLY convinced me to train for a Half Marathon??? It's a 100% definite, possible, totally imaginably, weather permitting maybe! I never thought I could make such a hard and fast decision. Seriously, I am mulling it over....someone stop me!!


Mags said...

Everyone has to do one in their lifetime. I am just glad I did one back when I was actually in shape. So now when all the 30 something moms around me are wanting to cross it off their bucket list, I can say...done that. ;-)

Linnley Marie said...

YAY!!!! I am so glad I can be an influence :) You will be ever so glad you did!!!And! Even better, I'll be there to do it with you!

Karin said...

You can do it! :)