Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Minute Interruption

I purposely don't say a lot about politics on this blog because that isn't what this blog is really about. (This blog is really about nothing, in case you haven't guessed.) But also because you all know my political leanings anyway. And because talking politics can be worse than having your eyes poked out. However, I just can't help but be so baffled by this year's selection of the Republican nominee. I just can't for the life of me understand why we are making an issue of our own candidates instead of making Obama the issue. I completely understand the idea of voting according to your principles, and picking the guy who you see as the most honest and moral, and frankly, as the most conservative, but if the country really is going to heck in a handbasket and the US Constitution and everything we love really is being destroyed by an inexperienced, socialist former community organizer, then isn't our duty to make getting rid of that guy our absolute number one priority? Even despite our personal wishes to select the most perfect conservative that ever walked the earth? If I were to want to vote for only the one conservative person in the whole country that I agreed with on every economic issue and every point of foreign policy and every social policy then I would never get to vote in my entire life. So what should I do? Not vote ever? Let the other guy win because I am too principled? It just doesn't make sense. This election is so important for the sole reason of getting rid of Obama. End of story. It almost doesn't matter who the replacement is because ANYONE is better than that guy! Romney is not conservative enough - I GET IT. Then there's RomneyCare. I understand. Am I in love with Romney? No. But do you know what I am in love with? The idea of getting rid of the real problem in our country; our current president. Let's not be stupid, Republicans. Let's not suffer for four more years because we just couldn't find exactly the right guy that absolutely pleased us in every single way we could possibly imagine. ANYONE is the right guy this year. Particularly the one with the greatest chance of taking down Obama. Or Hillary as the case may be :)

Okay, stepping off the soapbox now and I won't say another word. Unless it is something insulting to Obama. In which case I will say many, many more words.

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Mags said...

Agreed! I really hate 'attack ads' with a passion. It makes me not like the candidate who is trying to slander his opponent. I would much rather see an ad about what you plan to do, ie more positive. As sad as it is, I'm sitting back watching them slaughter each other and see who comes out on top.

But on a side note, did you see Anderson Cooper, a month or so ago, rip into that pastor from Texas? It was hilarious!