Friday, May 1, 2009


Two nights ago the kids were in the bath and Jacob was getting them all set up with the new Elmo bubble bath I got Luke for his birthday. About 5 minutes later I hear hysterical laughing- from Luke, from Cindy and also from Jacob. I went in to see what all the hubbub was and I guess those bubbles work pretty darn good because the kids were totally covered in them, including Luke who had not only a bubble hat, but sideburnds, beard and matching jacket. And he was LOVING life! A total tub maniac, we just watched and laughed ourselves silly. Here are a few pics of the moments...

This also reminded me of being a little kid and taking baths. One thing in particular I thought about was how my Dad would let us make the bath water different colors (using the little kitchen food coloring sets). We would get to make the water red, or blue or orange and we thought that was so awesome. I have consequently carried on that tradition with Cindy. She loves to choose purple, but it always ends up looking like grey mop water. Red is best because pink water is sooo beautiful :)

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