Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yeah, I cried, So what?

Yesterday was Cindy's preschool Graduation from College Heights United Methodist Preschool. It was the usual fare of Worship songs (Jesus is My Superhero, Open My Heart to His Love, etc.) and show-off songs ("The Florida Alphabet" song was very cute) and then all the kids got their Diplomas. I definitely was not expecting to cry, I mean, it is just Cindy walking up and getting a little scroll but at the very end they did a slideshow of all the grads with their graduation picture next to their baby picture. As a stoic, part-Vulcan rock, I hate to admit it, but there are a couple of non-church songs that make me cry and they played one of them during the slideshow; Let Them Be Little . That one absolutely slays me every time. My mom was a little shocked I think by my reaction because the tears started in like .025 seconds, but I recovered quickly, thank goodness. I really am so proud of Cindy and how much she has learned this year from Miss Kristie and Miss Amanda. They are THE BEST teachers in the whole world! And thankfully, Miss Kristie will be teaching 3rd grade at Cindy's school this fall, so they can keep in touch and have a friend on the first day.

Miss Amanda and Miss Kristie- heaven sent!

Cindy and her bestest friends, Charlotte and Maddie- AND her goofiest smile. Yup, she's definitely one of mine :)

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