Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Name Game

Yesterday's post about The Curse sparked my thought about the tradition in my family to name some of our cars. My family has had a TON of different cars over the years- seriously I should make a list- but here is a run down of some of the more memorable names we gave those cars...

1. Jean Claude Grand Am- My first car. We really called it Jean Claude, never anything else.
2. Pepe Le Prelude- The little college car of my brother Chris.
3. Gluteus Maxima- The white Nissan Maxima my family had years ago and it really did go by that name. Only my Dad could come up with something like that.
4. Brian's Crappy Saturn- Ha! I asked my mom what she called my brother Brian's white little saturn and she looked at me kinda confused and said "Brian's Crappy Saturn??" I am still laughing!
5. Rocket- Cindy named our Honda his after the red spaceship in Little Einsteins, we used to floor the gas pedal and "take off" in it. She loved that. She actually loves Rocket, she thinks he has feelings and cried when we got into an accident in him.
6. Superman- That is Jacob's silver Toyota Tacoma, again Cindy named it.
7. Boss Hog- Grandma Sweeney's Red Truck, I fought for this one with Cindy, she hates that name, but it stuck.
8. The Smokin' Arab- This was a nickname for my brother Dave's Mitsubishi Galant that developed a big exhaust problem. Arab? I have no idea.

And I wanted to name our little Geo Prizm 'Tergat' after a famous Kenyan distance runner, but it never stuck. That Geo is probably still running out there somewhere...

So anyone else ever name their cars? Give me your best!!

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DeAnne said...

"The Subaru" "The truck" 'The Subaru the snow plow crashed into""The Vega" "The Van" "The yellow truck" "My Car" "Your Car" "The kids car"

Your family had way too much fun.