Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Experience #8- Wear matching clothes on Mother's Day

My latest sewing adventures gave me an idea to make matching skirts for Cindy and I to wear to church on Mother's Day. I figured that if I could just find the right fabric pattern, we could pull it off and we could both wear our black high heels- an idea Cindy would really get behind. After renumerating the oh-so-many reasons why Hannah Montana fabric or Strawberry Shortcake fleece would not make good skirts, I finally convinced Cindy that the small circle pattern would do the trick. That was the longest trip to the fabric store I have had in quite some time. Anyway, I actually started about a week out and gave myself plenty of time to finish them, which really is the most miraculous part of all. Cindy's skirt was not a problem- it was the same style I had already made a few months back. Mine wasn't necessarily hard either (I mean, I made it, right?), but I am not a good wasitband maker when it doesn't use elastic. And the outfit went strikingly well with the necklace that Cindy made me. It was multi-colored beads, some with letters, that Spelled out "Mom You Rock." (actually it spelled "Wom, You Rock") but either way I thought, "Dang straight, I do!"
(What? There's nothing wrong with a healthy does of confidence, right??!)

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Amy said...

Wow! Good job!!