Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Experience #10- Run a 5K with Jacob

I knew eventually that I could convince Jacob to run a 5K with me. It was only a matter of time, especially because doing a triathlon together is so NOT happening. So anyway, I finally found the perfect race for us- only $12 and you get a shirt! The perfect situation. So Saturday evening we ran the FCA Night Run at Lake Hollingsworth here in town. It was not without some drama, of course. Right as we were getting ready for our 6:30 pm start time, the clouds gathered, the ominous blackness appeared and the very demons of hell seemed as though they were going to unleash on us. Lightning, thunder- the whole package. They delayed the race til 7:10 to wait out the storm, but finally they just made the decision to get on with it and let the chips fall where they may. So we got to run this 5K in an absolute DOWNPOUR. No kidding, it was coming down so hard I could barely see! However, there was this part of me that absolutely LOVED it. I mean, I like to run in the rain, but when you aren't in a race with a pack of people, everyone thinks you are a crazy weirdo for doing that. But when there are 200 other people out there with you, can you all be wrong? No, you just get to enjoy it. By the end of the race I think I picked up about 11 pounds of water weight in my clothes and shoes, and my MP3 headphones were slipping out of my ears and completely water-logged, but I made it in a time of 27:24! I was thrilled at that time. AND, even better- I got a medal! 3rd place in the 26-30 age group. I think I see a pattern here... And my friend, Davina (who has been totally hustling me concerning her running abilities) got 2nd place (beating me handily by 3 minutes). Also, my friend, Michelle, came out and watched her husband, Nick run the race. Nick clocked in at 29 minutes or so- a personal best- good job, Nick. Thanks Michelle for still being pregnant and letting me get a medal:) Ultimately, I am glad that Jacob played along and did this with me. He is a good sport. He actually came in at a time of 27:43- so I didn't beat him by much at all. Which really stinks because I feel like I kill myself to train for these things and yet his training plan consists of running now and then and, of course, eating mass quantities of pancakes 4 hours before the race. So not fair.

Oh, and also for my efforts, I got my name in the paper! Yay!

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Karin said...

Congrats!! You are amazing!!