Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Greatest Inventions of Our Time- Volume 1

Okay, so I am trying to not point out the obvious in this list. I mean, I could put air conditioning on here, or indoor plumbing or electricity, but I am going for the more subtle inventions that really are pure genius. And I am definitely going to have more than one list because there are already things I am overlooking. Plus this post would end up being a novel. I can see myself really getting carried away on this one if I am not careful.

So here is Volume 1 of some of what I feel to be the Greatest Inventions of Our Time:

1. Spray butter. How could we call ourselves the greatest nation in the world before this came along? It is the BEST! I mean, the tub of butter or sticks? Well, the butter is rock hard, too messy, and there is much too much needed equipment to use it (a knife, seriously? you expect me to get that out?) And have you ever tried to butter individual fresh green beans or stalks of asparagus? Next to impossible! Spray butter is inspiring.

2. The "scan" button the radio. I don't actually have this feature on my own car stereo, but Jacob does, and that always makes me a little excited to drive Jacob's truck. How great is it to have the radio do the channel surfing for you?! All you have to do is decide between all the great stuff you hear!

3. Sky caps. Those guys at the airport are always the best money that I ever spend. Okay, I am talking like I am some sort of travel aficionado-which I am not- but in the handfuls of time I have flown, I ALWAYS pay the sky cap guy and head straight to my gate. Awesome. No waiting, no lines, no worries.....

4. Snow Caps. What kind of heaven-sent candy is this? I mean, essentially it is just a giant box of chocolate chips! Who in their right mind sits down and eats half a bag of chocolate chips while watching a movie? No one. But add some SPRINKLES to the chips and call them "Snow Caps" and voila! World's BEST movie treat. My favorite. Mmmmmm

5. The light under my over-the-oven microwave. Such a small thing, but I cannot cook a meal without having that little light on right above the stove. SO helpful! I can see everything so much better and I really think my mad cooking skillz can be attributed in part to that little bulb. Genius.

So whatta you think? Am I right, or am I right? And never fear, I am already writing Volume 2 for your reading pleasure :)


Chris said...

Your "over-the-oven-microwave" is called a microhood (for future reference).

My short list of cool inventions:

1. digital thermostats
2. bull-eye candies - how ingenious to put creamy deliciousness inside caramels.
3. noise-cancelling headphones
4. blogs

Kt said...

Post-it notes! Seriously, how inconvenient is taking a message without a post-it?