Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cindy and the Fortune Cookies

Let me just say that Cindy LOVES fortune cookies. Every time we have Chinese food, she is waiting the entire meal just to open those cookies and have me read her "fortunes." Of course, I can't just read the actual fortune on there- that would be totally boring and not take advantage of her in any way. So usually when I read her fortune, I tailor it just to her and watch her look of absolute bewilderment when she realizes just how magic the cookie is. Last summer sometime I remember reading her a fortune that said "You will make the most beautiful Rapunzel" (for Halloween) and she was AWESTRUCK that the cookie could know that!! It was hilarious. She talked about it for weeks. So we again had Chinese food about two weeks ago and, again, she waiting so anxiously for the moment when we could open the cookies. Finally, it was time. Cindy opened the cookie and handed me the little paper. I cleared my throat importantly and read it, It said: "Quit using up all the band-aids." Cindy's mouth flew open and she was utterly insulted by this fortune! She got a little red and huffed loudly, Hmmmpfff! Priceless. Then she subjected herself yet again to another fortune. This one said, "You really, really, REALLY need to sleep in your own bed all night long." This one made her forehead crinkle up and she gave me a giant look of worried disappointment. She hates being told to sleep in her bed all night. Anyway, Cindy and her belief in those cookies will be something from her childhood I won't soon forget.

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