Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poor Cindy

Jacob's brother, Nathan, got engaged Saturday night. So on Saturday morning, DeAnne and Karl broke it to Cindy that Nathan was going to propose to Linnley. Cindy was devastated! She thought this was just horrible news, because she "was going to marry him!" Then later on Saturday night as we were all waiting for a phone call or text from Nathan after everything was official- Cindy asked when we were going to talk to Nathan. We told her that at any minute Nathan would call and tell us what Linnley had said. So she just kept saying over and over, "I hope she said No!" "I hope she said No!" Awhh, poor kid :) But eventually she came to grips with what happened and had to concede that now she was "just going to have to marry Daddy". Jacob and I think that, for the next few years, anyway, this is a great plan.

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Linnley Marie said...

Aww... Poor Cindy! I am sorry Cindy, I just had to say 'yes' I wouldn't have had it any other way... I hope you will still accept me as your new aunt. Plus I think marrying your daddy is better ;)