Monday, June 1, 2009

And now for something completely different.....again

So here are some recent random stories, pictures, anecdotes, updates, announcements, cash donations, food stamps, etc. from my life...

Cindy's Flower Garden
Well, we planted all kinds of seeds, but in the end only the Mammoth Sunflower seeds took root. And they are doing WAY better than I ever thought possible! Even had to put the tomato cages on two of them. Now just waiting for the blooms. I suppose I should ask Cindy to ask them when those will arrive. She has experience in that area, you know.

Thank You, Frucious (The Patron Saint of Grape tomatoes)
Okay, putting those banana peels underneath the tomato plants was an AWESOME idea. It totally works wonders. I am dying for these things to finally turn red so we can start eating them!!!

A Luke Quickie
The other day Luke was over at my mom's house and he noticed my senior picture from high school up on the mantel in her living room. He quickly smiled and pointed to it, saying, "Mommy!!!" Of course my mom has all of the kids' senior pictures right there, so I pointed to the one next to mine, of my brother, Brian, and said, "Who's that?" And Luke was very quick to answer "Jesus!!!!!" Ha ha! We all knew Brian's hair was way long in that picture, but that just confirmed it.

Desperately seeking manliness...

The reason my triathlon time will be 5 minutes slower than necessary....

Curse you, Lamanite Cake!!!! (and chef Jacob for making this!!!)

Rainbow River
This past Saturday was a girls day out trip to the Rainbow River. The river is about 2 hours north of Lakeland and is a gorgeous spring-fed crystal clear river. (And a very refreshing 72 degrees ;) So you grab a floating device of any kind and float on down at your leisure. (I even saw two total rednecks floating down on an inflatable queen sizes air mattress. Ha!) You can also snorkel, scuba, boat, canoe, kayak or whatever if you want too. Absolute heaven! We had perfect weather and a fabulous time. I did not bring my camera- too risky with water, multiple vehicles, etc. So I totally stole these photos off the Internet, just so you would know what I am talking about a little bit better.

And actually, a first for me, we did see an alligator while we were tubing down. He was maybe about 5-6 foot, not too big, and was only swimming right along the shore near some grass. He posed no threat, really, but it did raise my heart rate just a little to think I was in the same water he was. But this is Florida, whattayagunnado?

Cindy had made Jacob and I "trophies" while we were gone running that 5K last weekend. So cute.

Our long summer together is in full swing and the kids are still friends. Barely....

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