Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Experience #11- Make a Souffle

I like to think that over the past 3 years or so I have really come into my own as far as cooking goes. Looking back at when I first got married, it is a miracle Jacob didn't take away my oven and ban me from the kitchen. I knew how to make about 5 things and they were all marginal, at best. At that point I always wondered how it was that there were people out in the world that could just cook something from scratch, "eyeballing" everything, and have it turn out completely tasty. How did they do it??? Impossible, I said! But I now know that it just comes from good old-fashioned experience. So 8 years later I can now make basic white sauces, soups, pies, meats, etc. from scratch with no real recipe. And I am shocked that I can do this! But there is one culinary concoction that I had never yet attempted (more so because I have not made a concerted effort to do so rather than because of fear or intimidation) and that is....(dum dum dum!) the Souffle. I chose an easy recipe from FoodNetwork.com and they turned out excellent.

Part of me didn't really know what the consistency of a souffle is supposed to be, however, (cakey? gooey? in between?) but they looked great and puffy, and that much I knew was right. I used the See's brand chocolate chips that DeAnne gave us (thank you!) for my semisweet chocolate, which helped it taste all the more amazing. So cross this one off the list- I came, I saw, I souffled!

Ah, my sweet souffle, you were gone too fast...

(Yeah, yeah, no makeup, looking a little rough, I know. But it was after working hard all day outside in the heat, so I earned it :)

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badabinghams said...

They look awesome Jess! Now the only question I have is are you letting C.J. do this with you...pass on some grand cooking skills?