Monday, June 22, 2009

Triathlon #1- Childbirth is easier than this....

That was the exact thought I was having as I was getting off my bike to run in this triathlon. No lie. It was a killer! Truly one of the more challenging things I have ever done. But, I survived and did much better than I expected. And honestly, I truly had FUN! (What? Is that even possible?)

My official stats are as follows:
6th place for my age group (30-34)
Total time 1:12:57
Swim time: 8:27
Bike time: 28:30
Run time: 29:31

I am happy with those times, but my run time really needs an overhaul...

The swim was 200 yards shorter than my previous triathlon race and that was such a bonus. I could actually tell it was much shorter. Although this time I was running into people left and right! Mostly kicking people and getting kicked, I couldn't get a clear shot at the bouys. And to make matters worse I totally sucked in a gigantic faceful of water right at the beginning, so I had to stop and tread water for a minute to catch my breath. (Improvement spot #1 for next time) But I got over it and kept on going. As Dori says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Then it was bike time. After a scare with my bike tires the night before the race, I got Lightning in tip top shape and he was looking like a champ. Lightning did great on the ride, it was the rider that needed a little work because there were some HILLS around that place that kicked my fanny! Holy cow, I was not prepared for that. But I did make all of them without walking, including the one at the very end that was, just as the lady riding right next to me said, "A very mean trick." (Although you can't argue with the speed you get by going downhill right afterward. That is an awesome feeling.) At the end of the bike part, I saw the dismount area and it took me a minute to get off because my thighs were completely numb. I could hardly lift my legs over the middle bar of the bike without falling off. I thought I was a dead man and there was no way I could now run 3 miles. But like a robot, you just keep moving and don't think too hard about it.

So I was off on the run. It was in the hot, direct sunlight of the morning along Lake Minneola (which is a beautiful area of Clermont). Every time the run feels sooo long. I always think they measured it wrong and I am actually running into the next county. Good thing my friend Davina was a few minutes ahead of me and so when I ran past her on her way toward the finish, I knew that the endpoints were not too far ahead. Davina even came back and ran with me at the end making me sprint a little faster. That was great- I appreciated that a ton :)

So as my new countdown clock indicates, I am due up to do this again in 20 days. Same triathlon time, same triathlon channel. Wicked! I am totally stoked to see if I can make any headway in my time. My goal now is to place in the top three by the last one in August. It might be a stretch, but having a goal is way more fun.

So here are the pics you have been waiting for....

Body marking and check in. This time I got the big 30 on my leg. Ouch.

Finishing the swim

Me, Susie and Erika. Girl power!

Finished at last!

Look at us, we rock!!!

The best part of a Triathlon :)


Karin said...

Hurrah!!! You did it!! :) Have fun at camp!

badabinghams said...

Jess you rock! I am so impressed by you.

Mags said...

Wow, I'm just wondering, how do you train for this? I mean do you haul the kiddos in a bike trailer and use a double stroller? Then the swimming.....

Oh and grats, I'm just baffled by your amazingness. :)

Mags said...

I just reread this...worse than childbirth? Did you go natural for that or are you comparing it to the recovery process? ;-)