Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Luke Quickie

Today when I picked up Luke from school he told me it was the greatest day ever.  Every day for the last ten days of school his teacher is letting the class pop a balloon that has a surprise inside. Surprises like extra recess time or take off your shoes or extra iPad time.  But today was "Change Your Name Day"!  So his whole class got to make a name tag and stick it to their shirt displaying their new names.  Luke said that several girls chose Ana or Elsa as their name, his friend Christian was Superman and another kid was Mr. Smartypants.  I asked Luke what he chose and he said, "I will give you a hint: if it was Wednesday, everybody would be asking me what day it is."

Yep, he chose Mike.

And then he added, "Plus, that is grandpa's name."  Great choice, my son :)

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