Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Luke Quickie

Yesterday Jacob and I wanted to rent a movie from Redbox, so we decided to get one for us and one for the kids.  I told them I would get them that kids movie called "The Nut Job."  Cindy was very excited about it, but Luke just kept saying over and over that he did not want to watch it.  He said it sounded boring and was not excited at all.  I could not understand why he was so against it. Honestly, I had never heard one thing about it, good or bad, and I know they couldn't have either. But we got the movie anyway and told Luke to watch the first ten minutes of it and then he could decide if it was boring or not.  Well, they started their movie and we started ours.  I think I made it through the opening scene of the second Hobbit movie (new world record) and then I was asleep and went to bed.  So this morning Jacob told me that last night after their movie was over, he asked Luke if he liked it. He said yes and then explained, "I thought that movie was a "How It's Made" about nuts.  But it wasn't.  And so I liked it."  Every time I think about that, I laugh out loud. Oh, Luke, you are so funny!!!

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