Friday, May 2, 2014

You're Argument Is Invalid

You know what I love?  Well, clean sheets, the smell of a paperback book, garlic pickles, that part in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when he knocks down all the motorcycles....But I am not talking about any of those things right now. No, I am talking about finding weird stuff on the Internet.  It's a hobby of mine that I use to bless the lives of others.  So here are a few Star Wars oddities for your viewing pleasure.  And as you view them, remember:  people are weird.

JarJarnado - Star Wars and Sharknado mashup


Michael Jackson as Wicket the Ewok.


Why do I love this so much??

ChewBACHa. My inner music nerd and Star Wars nerd are both satisfied. HAHAHA!

Ham Solo
Ham Solo

C3PO & Jar Jar Binks Gothic
Poor, poor Threepio

Star Wars Gerçek Mi?

Best Cat Scratching Post Ever

What makes Jar jar binks
Words cannot express how I love this

The Grillenium Falcon is Inspired by Star Wars #grilledcheese
Food truck that's got it where it counts

Men's Black Master Cat Pets Rock T-Shirt
Why do the British have such good ideas?

And now, by far, the STRANGEST Star Wars-related thing I have ever seen:

  Fan art, depicting Batman marrying Boba Fett and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Just let that sink in for a minute....

Batman marrying Mrs. Doubtfire to Boba Fett, so, um, yeah... WHY DOES THIS EXIST??
Who would want to take credit for this?
Why, Internet, WHY?!

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