Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Cindy Quickie

With Summer fast approaching, I decided to scour Pinterest for those summer activity lists to give me ideas of things the kids could do to pass the time and not be bored.  Inevitably the lists are written by people who do not live in Florida and suggest all kinds of crazy things to do in the summer.  Things like go camping, go to a drive-in movie or sleep under the stars.  Not even close. I could tell that Cindy was on the same page as me when I was reading the lists and remarked, "Some of these activities are just plain ridiculous."  From across the room Cindy asked, "Like what?"  I said, "Like make S'mores."  Cindy replied so confused,  "IN THE SUMMER??!!!"   Exactly.

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Mags said...

HAHA!!! Oh this made me laugh, thanks.