Friday, May 23, 2014

A Cindy Quickie

I would need a longer post to elaborate on the end of the year banquet that Jacob's competitive soccer team had last night, but to make things short, at the end of the night they presented Jacob with a scrapbook, some personalized t-shirts and other gifts as going away presents.  Inside the scrapbook were letters from all the girls, thanking him for coaching them, telling their favorite memory of him, etc. and they had Jacob sit in a chair while some of the girls came up and read their letters to him. It was very touching.  The first letter that got read was by a girl that really likes Jacob.  I think she mentioned several times how she loves Jacob "sooooo much" and was going to miss him "soooo much."  I was standing kind of in the back and Cindy was standing next to me and by the end of the letter Cindy finally looked up at me and said, "She knows dad is married, right?" Yes, but she can dream.

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