Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Year Sanibel Fought Back

This past weekend was our official 3rd Annual Bingham Sanibel Beach Fiesta del Playa.  Or something like that... We once again trekked down south for two days of fun in the sun. Which actually turned out to be one day of fun in the sun and one day of fun inside a movie theater to avoid the driving rain.  But, hey, fun none the less!  Jacob stayed behind to head out to a theme park with his girl's soccer team, however, no one mentioned that Noah was going to building a boat in Tampa that Friday and the ensuing flood prevented Busch Gardens from even opening :( Sorry, Jacob.  However, the raging Tampa storm made for some pretty crazy waves and howling wind down on Sanibel.  And when I say "waves" I really mean four footers.  But they were still the biggest waves my children have ever experienced during their short lives. Cindy got thrashed a couple of times and has the scrapes and bruises to prove it.  Luke was a maniac and could not be dragged out of the water.  I have to admit that I even got pummeled by a wave and it took the sunglasses right off my head!

We saw dolphins again, and this time they even jumped up in the air like we were at Sea World. True story!

So. Many. Shells.

Best face ever on Luke

Our first seagull punch attempt was hilarious.  If you look at the picture closely you will see Luke's fist popping out of Cindy's head.  Luke was being obedient and punching on command, while Cindy was not amused and giving a very half-hearted effort.  Luke actually ran up and punched in the air right in front of that lady looking at me.  He almost ran into her and she was very confused on what the emergency was.  Anyway, the kids ended up helping me get the seagull punch money shot before the day was over....

Seagull, PUNCH!

We had a hotel room down there for Friday night with the intention of going back to the beach on Saturday morning, however, all the rain to our north finally arrived and Rio 2 seemed like a good option.  After the movie, Grandpa was brave enough to hold Toothless.

We had a great time!  I have a feeling that perhaps we might be joined in Sanibel next year by a certain set of Binghams relocating to the Tampa area...

One highlight of the trip was playing a game where we would choose a random four letter acronym and each person would have to make up what it stood for.  Luke was surprisingly good at that game and really had us laughing and impressed at the same time.  
SURF = Super Ugly Rabbit Feet :)

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