Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NOW, It's A Wrap!

Because I am going on two field trips with my kids in the next two weeks, I have had to work an extra day a week to make up for the time off and to keep up with the doctor's extra notes, thus, it really has been about a week since I blogged. Ugh. So now I need you to go inside the official Sweeneyville time machine with me and turn back the dial three weeks.  Let's just say I missed a few things....

Remember when I said that Luke was done with soccer four weeks ago? Not technically true. There was a final tournament game and then a trophy ceremony which I was not really aware of until the night before. We endured the game, which was being played on the surface of the sun apparently, and then the season was over and officially a success.

He did it all for the trophy.
And all the delicious snacks.

Yay team that didn't have a name!

And what better way to spend the hour after you have baked in the sweltering Florida sun, then by going to the batting cages, which are also conveniently located outside in the sweltering Florida sun.  (Hey, when the time and opportunity strike, you just gotta go with it, okay.)

Besides, Luke got in there and swung like a happy-go-lucky maniac. Still wearing his cleats, even.
He actually did really well, but the boy just needs some size on him!

Cindy's softball team's pitcher is way faster than this machine, but the slow rainbow balls were still pretty tricky for her.  

We all took turns.  I didn't too bad, and I did not even sustain an injury! And Jacob, well, of course he was a little show off and had to make Luke believe even more that is half Superman.

Not to be outdone by Luke, Cindy also wrapped up her softball season two weeks ago.  Here she is with her sweet trophy and you can also see my sweet Star Wars shirt for this year :)

I was about 99.789456% sure that I had a picture of what happened at the final softball game of the season for Cindy, but I cannot locate it and so I will just have to describe what happened.  Or I will draw a picture of it in paint:

Wow, who even needs a camera???

At the end of the game, the coach decided that anyone who wanted to pitch, could pitch.  Including those that had never thrown a pitch in their lives. Which includes Cindy. Not gonna lie, secretly I was hoping time would run out and Cindy wouldn't get a chance.  I mean, she has NEVER thrown a pitch, but time did not run out and she was on the mound and would you even believe that she got to a full count on the batter and almost struck her out!  I am not saying her pitching was completely stellar, but to be honest, it wasn't any worse than some other pitching I saw during the season.  So great job, Cindy!  Way to be fearless!!

This was also the night the sister missionaries came out to watch the game.  
Cindy was on her best softball behavior :)

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