Monday, November 1, 2010

Check Me Out!

When I went to check Cindy out from school early last Thursday to go to the Halloween parade, I wasn't prepared with a witty excuse of why she was leaving. I am so disappointed in myself! Plus, the office was busy and I just ended up writing 'Parade' in the space provided on her sign out sheet. Ughh. I hate being lame. After this horrendous failure, I have decided never again to be unprepared! I have composed the following Top Ten List to aid me in all my future early check-outs. I think I might even check Cindy out early every day next week, just to try these out.


10. She got called into work. Again.
9. Explaining the significance of the Barbie movies at today's Rotary Luncheon
8. Has monthly meeting with her parole officer
7. Her Dad needs her to come home and defeat the Dustwallow Marsh on Level 9 of World of Warcraft
6. Has to pack for her solo trip around the world on a Razor Scooter
5. She has a fever.....for the flavor of a Pringle!
4. She's really good at killing spiders and there's a huge one in my shower
3. 18 holes of golf don't play themselves!
2. Hasn't seen Iron Man in over 2 hours and is near death (Oh, wait, that is a reason to check Luke out of school early...)
1. Simply cannot wait until school is out to not vote Democrat

*PROGRAMMING NOTE: Tomorrow begins 30 Movies in 30 Days as chosen by the readers of Sweeneyville! I will begin watching tonight, which means I will see you tomorrow :)

*And, just a few more weeks until I reveal this year's Expired Food Parade from the Countywide Holiday Food Drive. My dad has already saved me something that is so bizarre and glorious, I don't know if I can wait to show it to you...I LOVE the Holidays!!!

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Amy said...

This top ten list reduced me to belly laughing on the floor. You rock.