Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bow WOW!

#8- My Dog Skip
Suggested by Sweeneyville reader Linda Bingham

I won't event try to make up something ridiculous about my mom, you all know who she is. Or do you? :) She has a few movies for me to watch this month, but I decided to start with the one that would make her the most proud of me. See below for an explanation. Anyway, what is there to say about my mom? She likes roller skating, making homemade applesauce and buying way too many Christmas presents because stores them like nuts for winter in her closet (beginning in August) and forgets what she even bought. A genetic trait she has now passed on to me. She also loves boxes. All shapes, sizes and kinds. If you ever give her a present, give it to her in a cool box. The actual gift can totally suck, but she won't care because the box will be so cute. And finally, my Mom is the best Holiday celebrater there is. Without fail, she will deliver to each of her children's family a Halloween package, Thanksgiving package, Valentine's package, Easter package, etc. every year- complete with shirt, candy, handicraft and cutesy container. I love that about my Mom :) And not just because I am the benefactor of said generosity, but because she is so diligent! Thanks, Mom :)

Overall: 9/10
Deductions: moonshiners, how can an all-american hero have the name "Dink"?
Bonus points: Ending was not predictable, Kevin Bacon's character was neither a drunk nor a wifebeater, Frankie Muniz can really cry himself some tears!

Verdict: Let me just start by saying that if I had a nickel for every time over the past ten years that my mom has gasped the words, "You've never seen 'My Dog Skip?!!!" I would be living quite nicely somewhere in the Virgin Islands. My mom LOVES this movie. I had never even really heard of it. It came out in 2000 and at that time I was out at school in Utah, seriously dating Jacob and I can tell you that a dog movie was most definitely not on my radar. So this was my chance! My chance to FINALLY, FINALLY watch My Dog Skip and tell my mom, "YES, I have seen it!!!" And also a big "Thanks a lot, jerk!" because I cried my eyes out!!! It destroyed me! Oh, the humanity! And the thing of it is, the dog lives! He has a long and happy life! There really isn't even that much real sadness in the movie, but it's just so poetic in the storytelling- it's like a heartwarming, thinking man's version of "The Sandlot." Anyway, my kids liked it and thought the dog was so adorable, but not being an adult they really miss the poignancy of the movie. So if you are feeling like watching a nice, solid, emotional coming of age story of a boy and his dog, see this movie. It doesn't really get more American than this. And unless your emotion chip has been disabled, make sure you have some tissues handy.


Linnley Marie said...

I watched this movie when it first came out, my parents were in Ireland and left me with my sister's who rented the movie gave me food and went 80's dancing while I watched the movie and like you cried my eyes out. I think I cried so much I fell asleep on the floor with the credits rolling. Of coarse I watched it weeks after my own dog had died. It's a good movie, yet a tear jerker.

Mags said...

Ok, I am curious now. The dog lives but you all are crying? Hmmm, might be worth checking out.