Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where's my bustle?

Before I start, I just have to say that it took almost 32 years, but I have a cavity. Blecch. Okay, as you were.

#2- The Man From Snowy River
Suggested by Sweeneyville reader
Sarah Foley

Sarah was an at-risk youth I met in a mentoring program during the summer I spent in Spokane, WA when I was 20 years old. She had potential. I just knew she could overcome her current life of crime and make something of herself one day. We kept in touch over the years and she is now Cindy and Luke's Godmother. Actually, in real life (and not in the strange land of Fibberville I was just living in) Sarah is one of the young women I had the pleasure of working with when I served in that organization in my Church ward a few years ago. She is an amazing girl. If you remember back to when I went to the Twilight: New Moon midnight movie premiere, she was there. And anyone wanting to be seen in public at the midnight movie with me is amazing. But I think I like Sarah so much because we have a lot in common: same High School Alma Mater, (GO BARTOW!), a deep abiding love for the music of David Archuleta, we both blog, we both type really fast (although apparently her wpm and non-error efficiency is from another planet) and best of all we are BYU COUGARS! I am living my Freshman year again vicariously through her :) She tolerates me way more than she should...

The Man From Snowy River
Overall Score: 7/10
Deductions: a little slow moving, cowboys mumble a lot, there was only snow in 1% of the movie
Bonus points: Main character's name was Jessica, multiple usage of the word Wallaby, Clancy the horse mystic had a Chuck Norris-ness that was irresistible

I had in my mind that this was some kind of Mormon movie because it seems all my Mormon friends have seen it and love it. I was actually surprised that it's not, and it takes place in Australia! Who knew? Well, not me obviously. Anyway, this movie was very pleasant. Kirk Douglas did good in his ode to Parent Trap duality. Spur in particular was a delight in all his hillbilly glory. I was a little unclear as to what the real plot of the movie was (as I was watching it and having not known anything about it), but in the end Jim brings in those brumbies, makes his fortune and wins the girl. Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah! I have joined an exclusive club today :)


Mags said...

I like that movie. Although, it has been forever since I saw it. Actually, I wasn't Mormon when I watched it. So no exclusive club there Jessica.

Sarah Smile said...

I think you should just pretend the Fibberville version is the truth, much more exciting. :)

And, the fact that her name is Jessica is my favorite part of that movie. I love the way he says Jess. Anyway . . .