Friday, November 26, 2010

And so the brainwashing begins...

My friend Davina had told me about a 5k in our area that was on Thanksgiving morning. I ran a Turkey Trot with her and my friend Michelle down in Bartow last November, but actually doing a race ON Thanksgiving sounded fun. So I signed myself up. And since they offered a kids Fun Run for $5, I signed Cindy up too. She is always, always talking about how fast she can run (despite any evidence of this fact whatsoever on the soccer field). So here was her chance to be like Mom and get out there and hustle!

A HUGE, GINORMOUS, INCREDIBLE Thank You to my dad who got up way early and drove us to the race. He waited with Cindy while I ran my race, he took pictures, he held all my stuff, he took us to 7-Eleven afterwards- I don't think anyone out there has a better Dad that I do :)

The day in picutres:

I actually did pretty decent. Especially since there were almost 500 people in this race! I serioulsy could not believe how PACKED this thing was. I ran it in about 27 minutes, which was great for me because I haven't had a really good run in a while. But it went fast, no cramps, great music- I was really pleased :) Plus in the last half mile I think I picked off about 7 ladies who seemed to be in my age group. And the only ones passing me, were groups of teenage boys. Which I can handle because they are young and haven't started to rust yet. I keep checking for the official race results online, but they have yet to post...

What's a Turkey Trot without a turkey?

Cindy is looking confident before her run!

Cindy did great, she got a ribbon and I am happy she got to go with me and start her own journey of running torture- I mean, greatness and joy.


Linnley Marie said...

Way to go Cindy!! My dad got me into those Holiday 5ks when I was maybe a year older. You both Rocked!!.. And by the way my dad is pretty awesome when it comes to going to all my races taking pictures and taking me out to breakfast (that is if I beat a lot of people) If I didn't do so well I had to make him breakfast. I miss those fun times with my dad :)

Mags said...

You wear sunglasses while running? Is that a Florida thing? Then again, way back when I lived in Florida I ran Lake Hollingsworth at night or duskish.