Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is it December yet?

I am thinking I should have picked February to do all my movie watching, because the past three days have been ridiculously busy AND with this week's annual presentation of the Weird and Wacky World of Food Drive Misfits, I don't see things calming down any time soon. But I am still watching movies and doing my best! It'll be a barn burner for sure, though. Stay tuned.

And now for a quick recap...

Thursday my friend Michelle and I headed out to Bok Tower Gardens with our boys for free admission with Polk County Family Week. Sad part is that in order to get free admission you had to donate canned food. I searched every nook and cranny of my entire house and found only THREE cans of non-expired food. THREE!! So Bok Tower got those and I am officially completley out of any canned goods that expire after October of 2010. Cool!! But the boys had a great time seeing nature, we got to feed the giant carp in the tower moat and Justin and Luke did some serious wrastlin' in a giant sand box just outside the park. Manly bonding time is always an excellent way to spend the day:)

Friday morning I got ready for my garage sale that I had Saturday morning. We also went to a soccer game for Jacob's team (our first this season). Luckily my mere presence did not cause his team play like the blind or lose 8-0 in the first half. They actually won 3-0 and still only have one loss on the season so far. Go Wildcats!

Then after the game I drove like a maniac down to Bartow to attend a trophy ceremony for Luke and his soccer team. Isn't it awesome when no one tells you the location has been moved so you miss the entire ceremony even though you were about a block away the entire time? I still don't want to talk about it. Grrrrrr.........

Saturday's garage sale went good. I sold a bunch of stuff that has been sitting on my patio for about 4 months. Ahhh, feels good to get rid of stuff. I still have to make a huge run to Goodwill with the leftovers, but at least when I take it there I know I gave it a fair chance to have a new home :) Cindy's soccer game that afternoon went much better than expected. Our team is still winless but they only lost 2-0 and actually had 3 shots on goal! It was a slight miracle. Only one more game to go. The end of the tunnel is in sight!!!!

So anyway, I am pretty sure that all next week for Thanksgiving I will be a movie-watching machine. Well, a movie-watching and early-morning-running machine. Jacob is off the entire week for Thanksgiving break (Yee-haw!) which gives me the liberty to run early in the morning. I need the practice because Cindy and I are actually signed up for a Thanksgiving morning 5K and fun run! Can't wait to play the militant Mom and demand she run her half a mile without stopping. She has been talking some serious smack about how she is a better runner than me. Really? Get ready for a rude awakening, girl. Here it comes!!!

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