Saturday, November 6, 2010

When in Sweeneyville

#5- When In Rome
Suggested by Sweeneyville reader Karin Salisbury

I met Karin 6 years ago when I had jury duty. We were assigned the case of woman suing a furniture store for damages after she twisted her ankle tripping over her own 18-month-old son. Karin was the only other juror to vote with me on the side of the store owners. That is how I knew she and I were meant to be lifelong friends. Gotcha! Karin is actually one of my friends that I have known the longest. We go all the way back to 1995! Or is it even before that? We have so many good memories together; of EFY, Youth Conferences, dances, camp- yep, we have had some good times. Karin is also a certified Supermom. She has 6 kids and still manages to do more nice things for more people on a daily basis than I manage in about 8 months. She really is an incredible lady. She has an amazing blog too, read it here. (Hers actually is uplifting, motivating and inspiring, rather than mine which is well, you know...) I am watching 2 movies for Karin for this challenge and this one was the first. I know that Karin loves this movie (I even bought it for her birthday this year) but I had never seen it. And since I promised her I would one day, well- promise fulfilled!

Disclaimer: Karin would want you to know that she watches this movie only on ClearPlay (a movie sanitizing device that cleans up anything inappropriate in any film you watch) so she gave me her recommendation based solely on the version that she sees when she watches it. See? I told you she was good!

Overall: 7/10
Deductions: strangest looking "assistant/best friend" I have ever seen in a movie- her eyes are like ping pong balls!!!
Bonus Points: Scene where they all cram into the tiny italian car together was priceless, CAMEO BY PEDRO SANCHEZ- How did I not know about this?!

Verdict: I don't really think I have seen a movie or show with Kristen Bell or Josh Duhammel before, but they are both very likeable and thoroughy cute. I thought they had good chemistry together and their comedic timing was not half bad. Jacob even saw this movie with me! And he didn't fall asleep or simply walk out of the room, so this is a veritable 5-star review from him. I also loved the delightfully bizarre ensemble of weirdos that fall in love with her. The best was the creepy magcian, John Heder. When he tried to escape his mummy wrap while hanging from her apartment ceiling, I laughed out loud. Overall I thought it was silly, yet entertaining and a great way to escape for a hour or so. I watched it, Karin! Aren't you proud of me?!


Linnley Marie said...

I really enjoyed that movie too!! Another good one I saw last night, that has Josh Duhammel in it is Life As We Know it. It was so funny! My mom and I laughed so hard. Plus there were two sad moments. But it was funny like this one.

Karin said...

You are very sweet! :) Glad it was worth a laugh for you. My older little people like jamming to some of the music, too!!!! <3

Mags said...

You are starting to watch movies that I haven't heard of either. And yes, Karin is exceptionally good! You probably knew her longer than 1995 though. I stepped on the scene in 1997 and you were off to BYU while I set up shop in sunny Florida.