Sunday, November 7, 2010

Did that just happen?

I'm still working on my movie watching, don't want to worry you. But while my watching is on time, my write-ups have gotten behind. However, by the end of the week I will be squared :) I do need to take time out to tell a quick story. Last night we had some chilly weather here in Florida (mid-50's!!!!), so the kids and I did a campfire in the backyard in our outdoor fireplace. We roasted marshmallows, almost set the house on fire, threw random things into the flames, and got nice and smokey. At the end I went to the side of my house to pull out the garden hose so I could douse the fire completely. It was totally dark except for the fire, so when I hauled out the hose and it got stuck, I assumed it was caught on one of my garden boxes. So I gave it a giant yank. And then I heard a snap, and then water started spewing out of the side of my house in true Niagra Falls fashion. I broke the little spigot right off the pipe! Remember the expression Doc Brown made in Back to the Future when the model Delorean time machine runs off his homemade diorama and drives into a trash can and lights it on fire? That was my exact reaction, multiplied by 114. However, here is where the miracle ocurred; since I was in charge of the pipes when we did the laundry room, I knew how to fix it. Let me wow you one more time: I knew how to fix it! AND I DID! All by myself in under two hours. In your face, Roto Rooter! Sorry for the horn tooting, but stuff like that doesn't happen every day. Especially when it comes to me and plumbing :)


Mags said...

Nice Job Jessica!!

Karin said...

You are so amazing!!!!! :)

Kt said...

NICE Back to the Future reference, considering it was just Nov. 5 a.k.a Flux Capacitor Day.

p.s. I really, really hope your list includes something (anything) starring Michael J. Fox.