Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Festival

Part 3 of Halloween 2010 was a little anti-climactic. At least as far as pictures go. Seeing as how we aren't doing actual door-to-door this year and didn't get all gussied up for a big night, I didn't really feel as compelled to take pictures of the kids last night at our Ward's Fall Festival. Add to that the fact that Luke has been dressing up as Iron Man for over a month now and last night Cindy could not even find half her costume and well, there wasn't much new excitement for me to document :) I will say however, that my gypsy costume really came together! DeAnne and I have moved our relationship to the next level by having now officially shared clothing. She lent me a skirt and it was absolutely perfect. (Of which I didn't not get a picture- GO ME!) And for the first time since pre-school, Cindy's fake jewelry actually served a purpose other than littering the floor of my Honda and making me want to hang myself with it. Free costumes are the best :)

Luke and his posse. Nathan and Ben Bailey and Ryan "Bam-Bam" Fallaw.

The only reason we were sure to take this picture was for you, Maggie!

The real-life version of the popular fairy tale where the handsome Prince Charming sweeps the Gypsy off her feet and they have two children; a Merfairy and Iron Man and they all live happily every after :)


Mags said...

Sweet! Thanks. I love and miss you DeAnne.

Karin said...

I love the pic of you & Jacob...! So glad he is smiling! (He better be--as he has an awesomely amazing wife!!!!!)