Monday, October 4, 2010

Russian Velvet, If You Please

As we continue to work on the laundry room, we have hit the stage where it comes time to paint. Oh joy of joys! Let me just get this fact officially out in the open about myself: I suck at picking paint colors. I SUCK! I like to think I'm okay at it, but let's be honest, Stevie Wonder would do a better job at choosing a color scheme than me. I always, always, ALWAYS guess the wrong color. And not by a little. A month ago I was going for the color "sage" in my TV room and when I bought the paint, got it home and put some on the wall, it was like I was living in Wrigley's Spearamint Gum World. So going to Lowe's this past week and committing to a color for our laundry room was absolutely excruciating. I finally picked "Light Sage" and though it is not exactly what I wanted (big surprise there!) it'll work. Anyhow, the entire point of this story is to point out the ridiculous names of paint colors. Have you read some of these things lately? You don't get to have just blue or aqua, you get to have Beckoning Sea. Forget red, you get Lava Flow. Brown is out. Pumpkin Bread is in. Oh, the poetry! And here for your entertainment is a little online quiz I found called The Paint Game. It gives you the name of a paint color and you have to match it to the correct shade. It changes a little every time you go to the site and I have yet to do better than 3 out of 10. Jacob did 7 out of 10 first try. I guess we all know who should be picking out colors from now on.

Click here to play the game.

And after a bit of further research I was able to get ahold of a top secret memo from the executives at Valspar. According to the memo, here are last year's....


17. Mystic Liver
16. Sun-dried Gauze
15. Flaming bagworm
14. Artisan Truck Stop
13. Vintage Gizzard
12. Whisper of Bolus
11. Shimmering Cess
10. Moldy Fudge
9. Jaundice Everlasting
8. Barely Bruised
7. Cream of Elmo
6. Bloody Pulp
5. Fungal Monsoon
4. Hard Boiled Hornet
3. Spiced Gopher
2. Spearamint Mistake
1. Septic Bisque

Let's just say that 2009 was a rough year for turnover in the Valspar marketing department...

AND, that my awesome laundry room will be debuting in T-minus 7 days. Next Monday all shall be revealed!!!


Mags said...

That paint game is EVIL. Or, I might just suck at the colors too. (I got 2/10.) I have to make Zeke try it now.

Mike said...

Nice rewind on the music theme...Allanah Miles' salute to Elvis...good call.

Kelly said...

Maybe I should pick out your paint... well only if I get two tries. 5/10 the first time and 9/10 the second:) Still room for improvement.