Friday, October 1, 2010

2 Luke Quickies

It was 4:30am a few Tuesday mornings ago and I was awakened by a sleepy Luke who told me two things: "Mom, I need to go pooh. And I need some cheese balls." And he really did need those two things. Once he finished both, he went right back to sleep. He is nothing if not efficient.

The other day Luke and I were in the car waiting for Cindy to get off the bus. While we were waiting he was out of his carseat and happily playing with a little train named Percy. Then he spied a stormtrooper action figure wedged down under my seat. I fished it out and said, "Awesome, now it can be Percy Vs. the Stormtrooper!" (hoping he would catch my vision of having them have a pretend battle with each other.) He did not catch my vision. Instead he got really excited and asked, "OOOh! Do we have that movie????!!!" Come to think of it, a Star Wars/Thomas mash-up movie would be flippin' sweet! For now, this photo is closest mash-up we get:

Yet again, I love the Internet. And so does Luke, who can't stop looking at this picutre and smiling.


Linnley Marie said...

Oh how I love the Luke Quickies. He makes me smile everytime!! Such a cutie!! And creative might I add..

Amy said...

That IS the coolest picture of all time!