Friday, October 8, 2010

A 3-year old's Guide to the Galaxy

And now Luke offers you advice on how to have the perfect day:

First, wake up and put on your Iron Man mask. No worries, it looks awesome with dinosaur pajamas!

Awh, heck, cutting corners never works. Go and get the full Iron Man costume on. Now we're talking business!!

It borders on pleasure overload, but next head to the couch where you will watch Return of the Jedi and look completely adorable at the same time.

Great movie! Next, go find Lady Cucuface and snuggle and play. Who cares if she was peacefully sleeping? She is the family pet and we have play-on-demand in this house, dangit!

That reminds me! If it's been over 6 hours since you watched this cat video, fire it up! We have a quota to reach, you know.

Ah, I love that one. Time for lunch! I know the movie made you a little sleepy, but don't worry, you can totally fall asleep halfway through your sandwich. Just hang over the chair and it's actually pretty comfortable.

It's 1 O'clock: Fake mustache time! I love this part of the day :)

And what's on the menu for afternoon snack? Yep, it's one of those giant suckers you only see in old cartoons when a villain is trying to entice a child. (Or when a child from the 1940's is dressed like a sailor and tap dancing.)

Almost bedtime. Cuddle up with your favorite sibling and watch some Tinkerbell. I mean, some Iron Man. Tinkerbell is for sissies. I never watch girl movies.

Finally, drift off to the land of Nod, while keeping your eyes mostly open. It will freak out your mom, which is great revenge for that wretched zucchini she made you eat earlier :)

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Linnley Marie said...

Man! He is living the life! What a cute, and lucky boy :)