Monday, October 11, 2010

The Big Reveal!

As promised, the laundry room is done!
Well, okay, techinically it stil needs a doorknob and a threshold, but it is amazing.
I can't beleive we didn't do this sooner!
After all, it only took a few weeks and...

a circular saw
roto zip saw
wet tile saw
door planer
pvc pipe and couplers
pvc cement
pvc primer
hand wrench
6 pieces of door trim
36 feet of wall trim
cement backer board
one million drywall screws
insulation panels
electrical wire
2 blue boxes
2 gallons of paint
14 boxes of tile
7 sheets of glass tile accents
utility knife
drywall knife
cordless drill
regular drill
tape measure
flat head screw driver
phillips head screw driver
a level
12 tubes of caulk
caulk gun
nail gun
staple gun
finishing nail gun
wood putty
6 cans of texture
6 bags of grout adhesive
2 x 4's
1 x's
64 sq. feet of peg board
a shop vac
3 c-clamps
8 gallons of joint compound


One amazingly talented and hard-working husband :)
And a big thank you to Sweeney's Tool Supply Co.

So here is our video:

(view it soon before YouTube takes away the music...)


Linnley Marie said...

Wow!! That laundry room looks awesome! Way to go guys!

Chris said...

Very, very, very impressed!
(and if I ever get married, I hope my wife thinks I'm hot, too!!!)

Meredith said...

awesome!!!!! The laundry room really looks amazing. We have the same glass tile in our bathrooms.

DeAnne said...

You two are so awesome! We are way impressed.