Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade 2010

Yesterday was part 2 of the Halloween trifecta for my kids this year: The Bartow Halloween Parade. Since my mom's dental office is on the street where the parade is held, we always get some prime seats. And this year we even made the shade! Which was fantastic because it was almost 90 degrees. Another Halloween tradition down in Bartow... Anyway, the parade was good, the kids got more candy, they got to see their friends, and Ronald McDonald and a pony dressed as a sheep. What more do you need?

Yeah, yeah, bring on the candy, lady. Just put it right in there...

Awh, crap. They're all lemon. Why did I even bother to come this year?

Wait, Thomas is here! Well, that makes it all worth it :)

Chillin' with Olivia and Maddie.





And long may this tradition continue!


Mags said...

Ironically, that is exactly how I remember your mom. Only with out the little man.

Linnley Marie said...

That Luke and Cindy are two of the most adorable children :)