Monday, October 18, 2010

A Cindy and Luke Quickie

The kids stayed home with Jacob while I made a quick trip to my mom's house last night to borrow a movie from her. When I got home, Cindy was in the kitchen giving Luke a medal for 4th place in the "dance contest" they were having. Since it was Sunday, I was a little concerned about the music they may have chosen for their contest, but Cindy eased my fears when she told me, "Don't worry Mom, it's church music. AND, since you were gone the kitty was standing in for you and you already have three medals." As long as they say Mom and not Lady Cucuface :)

I was helping Luke say prayers last night. Usually he tells me he doesn't need help, but he was acting so silly about it I started helping him to get him on the right track. He was doing fine repeating after me, but then in the middle of the prayer, he did a big growl and said all whispery, "I don't need any help!" So I said, Okay and he started up by himself again. Well, a few seconds later, he sneezed. So I whispered, "Bless you!" He again got all mad and said, "Mom! I said I don't need any help!" Then he did a huge sigh and said very grouchily, "Bless me.....ughhhh...." and went on with the prayer :) Oh how I love that little boy!!

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