Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Days of Music

So for the next 30 days my blog posts will be all about MUSIC! In some way, shape or form- that is the topic. Come on, my dad is like a walking jukebox and I am married to a DJ. It just makes sense, right? I am actually surprised this idea took this long to hatch. Anyway, there will be something different for each day, and you never know where it might lead my evil genius creative brain, so stay close. And I would love input from your own musical mind, so leave comments telling me your opinion on anything you see on here. (You will then be immortalized one day in print form of The Sweeneyville Saga: Volume 3. That sure sweetens the deal, eh?)

Away we go!

Day 1- Your Favorite Song

Is is really even realistic to ask me to name ONE favorite song? No way. That is like asking me to name my favorite brother- I could never doitChris. I have about a million favorite songs- all for different reasons, but I went back and made a list and at least painfully narrowed it down to about 10 or 14. I think I realized which songs are actually my favorites based on the fact that I purposely listen to them very sparingly. If they get too overplayed they lose their savor.

For now I am focusing on just regular Pop/mainstream music. We got 29 more days ahead of us, so we have more than enough time to get to everything else (like favorite movie music, dance music, guilty pleasure music, songs you can clog to, etc.) But most defnitely not every post will be a list :) I'm easing you into it...

In no particular order, my all-time favorite songs:

1. Stars on the Water- George Strait
2. Cherry, Cherry- Neil Diamond
3. Disappear- INXS
4. Stolen- Dashboard Confessional
5. Learning to Fly- Tom Petty
6. The Answer to Our Lives- Backstreet Boys
7. Zero Gravity- David Archuleta
8. Happy Together- The Turtles
9. Everything- Michael Buble
10. Anything But Mine- Kenny Chesney
11. Hell on the Heart- Eric Church
12. Here with Me- Dido
13. Ever the Same- Rob Thomas
14. Forever- Chris Brown

Okay, so now that we all have the ability to comment on the blog, you can now sound off on the fact that, yes, I like a David Archuleta song that much (though I still voted for David Cook when it came down to the wire). Or more importantly, tell me at least ONE of your all-time favorite songs. Perhaps something that may surprise me. I am sure Neil Diamond took you for a loop up at no. 2, am I right? Yeah, that is all the fault of my mom.

So in the words of Pat Benetar, "Hit me with your best shot! Fire Away!" Musical humor, I love it!

And get ready for tomorrow's post, in which I will reveal my number one most hated song of all-time. (Which I am doing only because I know that no one out there will be tempted to use it against me as some sort of torture tool. Agreed? I didn't hear you agree...)


Mike said...

I have so many favorite songs that I have a series of CD's I made called "Play It Again" because I never get tired of listening to them. I'm up to Volume 9...:0!

And as long as I'm revealing my innermost secrets, I will confess that two of my favorite songs come from a movie that I just cannot bear to watch: Grease...the theme to Grease (Franki Valli) and the duet with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, You Better Shape Up just knock me out. Can't explain it.

Other 'can't explain why' favorites: Viva Las Vegas by Elvis, Careless Whispers by George Michaels (or is that from his Wham days?) and Pencil Thin Mustache by Jimmy Buffet.

Of course there's loads of Hendrix, Stevie Ray and surf music. I think I'll put Volume 3 in the CD player right now.....

Cakes by Misty said...

"Ball and Biscuit" - White Stripes

"You Wreck Me" - Tom Petty y los Rompecorazones

"Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes Remix)" - Beck (remix by 8-Bit)

"Thru the Eyes of Ruby" - Smashing Pumpkins

"99 Problems (Clean Version)" - Jay-Z

"Take Me Down to the Infirmary" - Cracker

DeAnne said...

Beautiful by Carol King

Karin said...

"What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes...seriously...seriously kidding, of course...! :)
I don't really have a favorite...but I really like the Jason Miraz song from the opening credits of "When in Rome" right now...!

Mags said...

Haha, that Happy Together song was fun to listen to live at Epcot back when I lived inlorida.