Sunday, September 5, 2010

Favorite Sunday Songs

That is actually the title of the playlist on my computer for music I listen to on Sundays. And I admit, most of it is Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I know it is cliche- I mean, yes, I am a Mormon, isn't liking the choir kind of required? Well, no, not really, but I can genuinely say that I love their music. It is not just that they sound incredibly gorgeous or their music brings the Spirit in two nanoseconds, but their music fills me with overwhelming memories of watching General Conference with my family, lazy Sunday mornings and a huge sense of security, to be quite honest. I mean, if there is one thing that is absolutely constant in the Church, no matter who's the prophet or what year it is, it is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So I play MoTab every Sunday morning. Every. Sunday. Morning. (Yes, family, you have an awesome mom!) And what's funny is that my kids are totally being conditioned by it. In fact, a few weeks ago on a Thursday morning during the summer, I was editing some music on the computer and accidentally started playing a MoTab song thru the big speakers. It was only about 10 seconds into it when Cindy came running out of her room, leaned around the corner and asked me very worriedly, "Mom, what day is it?" I love how that works :) Anyway, if I had to pick one favorite hymn, it would be really difficult. But I narrowed it down- so when it comes to church songs, here are my top 5:

1. Redeemer of Israel
2. Baptism
3. God Be With You Til We Meet Again
4. God So Loved The World
5. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need

So tell me your favorite Hymns or Church songs. Do you have an all-time favorite?

I will leave you with #5 for your listening pleasure:

Happy Sunday!


Mags said...

If You Could Hie to Kolob. Of course, this is stemmed from a most awesome choral arrangement that Zeke and I had the chance to sing in back when we were in the Institute Choir.

Karin said...

I love #5, too. :) I never used to like the Choir that much growing up, I must admit, but I have repented in my old age and now greatly appreciate their music...mainly since I've been married. I have great memories of my children leading along to their amazing arrangements & look forward to General Conference to hear what they will sing!

Linnley Marie said...

I also love if you could high to Kolob. I find that song so mesmerizing.