Friday, September 3, 2010

A tribute to music and the visual aid

The truth is funny, isn't it? I just checked my iTunes account and I have 7,217 songs in there. And how many different ones do I listen to on my iPod? About 27. I guess this means I should stop buying more music. Ha ha! Good one, Squidward! As a matter of fact I just downloaded 65 free songs yesterday from eMusic (including an album of classically arranged pop songs) and I also downloaded, for Luke, the theme song from the cartoon Iron Man: Armored Adventures. I have to say it's not too bad! Check it out if you wish, Luke is obsessed: (and just for the record I am now a little obsessed with the band Rooney, who did this video. Their stuff is very intriguing!)

Obviously this is an addiction that cannot be stopped. So what was YOUR last music download? Leave me a comment. Let me know I am not alone in my sickness :) Or am I???


Mags said...

I can't verify you being alone. I hate running for the fun of it. So my iPod has the Conference talks downloaded to it. I have a hard time exercising with something in my ears. So that is on there for the Sunday walk with a sick kid around the neighborhood.

Amy said...

Sadly, I grew up around music and studied music in college, but I haven't downloaded or bought a new song or cd in nearly 2 years.

Kt said...

I'll give you my last five:
5. I Never Told You--Colbie Caillat
4. Shawty Get Loose--Lil' Mama and Chris Brown
3. A Well Respected Man--The Kinks
4. Save the Last Dance for Me--The Drifters
5. Beyond the Sea--Bobby Darin