Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brain Freeze

(By the way, I put that Summer of 1999 Soundtrack on last night while Jacob and I worked on the laundry room and by the second song Jacob asked me "What play list is this? I love this music!" Shared memories are the best :)

OK, so commercial jingles are so great, aren't they? They are catchy, they give you information, they brainwash you into buying things you otherwise wouldn't- I love them. Ever had a jingle in your head and couldn't remember the exact words? I have two clips from the TV show "The Office." Here is Andy, the Office 'musician' having a brain freeze during a staff meeting trying to remember the ending to what he thinks is "the best commercial jingle ever." The second clip came at the very end of the show where he finally figured it out! And no matter how many times I see the show, I will forever make the conclusion that Jim (the guy in the blue shirt trying to help Andy remember) is my brother Brian.

ONE THOUSAND apologies for the poor quality of the video. I scoured the Internet looking for the right clips and these two really bad recordings were the only ones I could find, but hopefully you get the gist. And turn up your speakers to hear it better....

I think I am going to go buy some Fancy Feast right now! Seriously, with two cats, I need some. But THIS right here is the best commercial jingle every written in my opinion:

I love the part where the cat says "Meow." So classic!

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Kelly said...

Ha ha Jim is Brian! Wow he really needs to see this!