Sunday, September 19, 2010


As you know by now, yesterday was not the splendiferous display of BYU football superiority I was hoping for. Not even close. My Cougars! Oh, Cougars! Do I have to get out this picture again? Hmmm?

So, okay, BYU got their trashed kicked and it was pretty hard to watch, especially being surrounded by thousands of good ol' boy FSU fans. However, it wasn't all bad :) When I told you I got some sweet free tickets, I wasn't whistling dixie. We were actually in one of the skybox suites, so even though we watched BYU lose and got made fun of for being part of the Cougar Faithful, at least I got some free food, a fantastic view and had air conditioning. A few pictures...

First stop: Whataburger! I had never eaten there before, but my burger was GOOD! Loved the chopped onions. We even ran into some BYU fans from South Carolina in there. Awesome!

So here is our view from the box. Yeah, it was not too shabby.

I just want to say that this is now one of my all-time favorite pictures of me and Jacob. Here is proof that he has facial muscles that allow him to smile. AND, proof that he can be just as silly as me sometimes. Something really awesome was actually happening on the field when we took this picture. I think BYU gained yards on a passing play. Wait, that never happened the whole game. Couldn't have been that....

Ma and Pa Bingham enjoying the game.

GO COUGARS! Check out the sea of BYU Blue!!!! WE ROCK!

Okay, well, we were slightly outnumbered. Kinda....

Going to that game as a fan of the visitng team is actually something I haven't really done before. I am usually in the home crowd. Of course BYU had it's own little contigent of fans there, but that stadium had at least 70,000 of it's own. It was a little intimidating. And walking through the tailgating section outside the stadium in my BYU shirt was like walking through the bad part of town wearing the Hope Diamond on a gold chain around my neck. (And not because they wanted my BYU shirt, I am making the analogy of the danger. But you got that, right?) Overall, the fans were 'tolerant' of us. Not gonna lie and say I didn't hear some derogatory things being said in my direction, ALL of which had to do with "Mormons". Even when I got my ticket scanned at the entrance the lady said to me, "Hey I got a friend that is 7th Day Adventist. Ain't that like ya'll? " I just stared at her and walked away. I guess I just still don't get it. What is the prejudice against us? I mean, we are different religions, I get it, but I don't go out of my way to make comments about Baptists or Methodists. What exactly is it that we "do" that offends people? Are we recruiting terrorits? Do we leave our shopping carts in the parking lot instead of taking them back to the corrall? Do we answer our phones by saying "Yello?" Do we constantly confuse the usage of their, there and they're? Seriously, what IS the horrible offense? Do FSU fans really think we ALL traveled from Utah to be at the game, beacause OBVIOUSLY Mormons don't live in Florida. DUH! Do they actually think we have several wives and child brides? BECAUSE WE DON'T! We are just like you without the beer and swearing. But I just don't see why it matters!!!! Okay, getting off the soap

Anyway, we drove up that morning, came home that night and had a pretty good drive both ways. I did forget about the fact that I get carsick as a passenger in the front seat, so we got delayed a solid 15 minutes on the way home while I regained the color back in my face and tried not to hurl. I didn't, thankfully :)

And of course I will relate this to music! So now I give you....

11 Song Titles that describe the BYU/FSU Football Game Experience:

Heartbroken Girl by Beyonce Knowles
Crying by Roy Orbison
I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
It's Not Right but It's Okay by Whitney Houston
Shattered Dreams by Johnny Hates Jazz
Kind of a Drag by the Buckinghams
Oh What A Night! by the Four Seasons
Why Can't We Be Friends? by War
Rockin' That Beer Gut by Trailer Choir
Hicktown by Jason Aldean
Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer by Billy Currington (because their fans ARE)

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