Saturday, September 11, 2010


So did my little experiment work?

My official 5k time for last night's run was: 27:43
My normal 5k time is: about 26-27 minutes
Conclusion: Hard to say! I got the worst side cramp of all-time during this race. It was hideous. This race was actually harder on me than any triathlon race I have done. It was almost impossible to just keep going. However, I do think the song helped get me through it! Because even with a side cramp and the inner monologue of all the ways I was not going to live to see the finish line, I did feel myself picking up the pace a little when it came on. So I think it actually saved me from a time of 30 minutes plus, and in that case, it truly was Magic. Either way I think I am in great position to beat that time in tonight's rematch.

Thanks to my parents for coming to see me and taking pictures! Here I am before the race with my shirt:

HAPPY! (Or strangely surprised by something I was looking at...)

Here I am after the race:


Isn't running so much fun? Don't you just look at that picture and think, "I want to do that!" Of course you do. Anyway, 3 more races today! I will be sure to tell you what happens. Unless I do terrible, in which case I might suddenly develop a strong case of amnesia :)

And now for the music post of the day:

Thursday night was the opening of the 2010 NFL season and before the Saints and Vikings duked it out, they opened with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by Colbie Caillat. Now usually I am very traditional about the singing of the anthem; I don't like too much variation in the song and many times it gets really weird when it isn't done with enough respect. Having said that, I was really liking the version done by Colbie that night. She has a very bohemian/folk sound and I wasn't sure that would translate so well, but I found myself really loving it! Here it is:

So who does the Anthem the best in your opinion? Whitney? Faith? Jimi? Your imaginary friend Winky? Whitney usually gets my vote, but I was subjected to her version almost every morning for 4 years during high school, so I might be a little brainwashed. What say you?

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